Poor Monster (2014)
mixed media
PURUMA logo (2014)
mixed media
Laser Warrior (2014)
make-up and hair

Metal Laser Exterminator (2014)

make up, styling and hair

model Esa Karpansalo

Shinpai-suru (2014)
comic, ink on paper, 18 pages

虹 “Niji” (2013) Make up and hair

Night Sky Shaman (2014) Make up and robe
photographer Marika Miettinen

"日本料理 ja Suomalainen Ruoka" Yukata (2014)

Hannory dyes and Traditional japanese wax dyeing technique. 

Hand woven obi belt. Done with wool yarn.

Model Kili Fukugawara

Make up done by me

This collection was designed in collaboration with Inka Ikävalko and Walter Götsch.

Special thanks to Jenna Ervasti and Lucille Pialot.

Photographer Veera Konsti

Models Esa Karpansalo and Paul Thynell

Näytös 13
Aalto University Fashion and Clothing Design Department Fashion Show



Photographer Leena Aro

Yankee Witches Hunting in Space (YWHIS)

Fashion collection (2012)

Cthulhu make-up (2013)
Photographer Broci
Discovery (2010)
Ink and watercolor on paper 30x42cm
Skirts for men (2013) 
Vector illustration
Househead at the end of her life (2012)
Cover illustration for UNI anthology
color pencil and watercolor on paper 30x42cm